What Your Nose Shape Reveals about Your Personality

Your nose is an important part of your body, it is used to breath, prevent infection, detect smell and it even affects the resonance of your voice. The shape of your nose is created with lower and upper cartilage and nasal bones. The design and structure of your nose is determined by cultural background, genetics, climate and injuries that incur throughout your lifetime. There are a wide variety of different nose shapes worldwide.

Chemical engineering professor Abraham Tamir, PhD surveyed images of noses and determined that they fell into a variety of categories, including straight nose, short nose, long nose, hooked nose, Roman nose, Nubian nose, flat nose and concave nose. Did you know your nose reveals secrets about your personality?

Straight Nose

The straight nose, which is also referred to as a Greek nose, has the appearance of narrow nostrils, a pointed tip and lacks depression and curvature in the center. Those who have this type of nose are considered to be logical thinkers who are capable of keeping control of their emotions, highly intelligent and skilled and are an inspiration to others.

Short Nose

Those who have a short nose have loyal, child-like, sweet and kind personalities. They are highly sensitive and do not do well in competitive situations. At times throughout their life they may lack ambition and drive.

Long Nose

The appearance of a long nose reveals that the person exhibiting this nose style ambitious, has excellent instincts, great leadership qualities and a strong sense of business.

Hooked Nose

The appearance of a hook at the tip of the nose describes this nose type perfectly. Those who have a hooked nose are not easily influenced by others or the most popular trends, they follow their own path and demand respect from others.

Roman Nose

The Roman nose is commonly described as a nose that has bump on the bridge. Those who have a Roman nose are clear thinking, head strong, highly ambitious, strong leaders, extremely organized with strong personalities and take careful thought and consideration when making a decision

Nubian Nose

The Nubian nose is described as have a long shape with the appearance of a very wide base. Those who have a Nubian nose have an attractive appearance, tend to create new ways to approach difficult issues, open minded, extremely curious and expressive. At times, they can become overwhelmed with emotions.

Flat Nose

The flat nose is described as having a short bridge, flared with the tip of the nose having a rounded appearance. Those who have a flat nose are considered to be helpful to others. They are also quick to anger and are known to have a temper.

Concave Nose

The concave nose style is also known as the upturned nose shape. This style has a mid-nose depression with a protruding tip. Those who have a concave nose are kind, nurturing, supportive people that have a strong enthusiasm for life, and optimistic outlook and seek adventure.

Big Nose

Those who have a big nose can have a short or long bridge, large nostrils and a wide nose tip. People who have this type of nose are strong leaders, driven and extremely powerful. They work well independently and do not like being told what to do or when to do it.

Does your nose type fall into any of these categories? It is always interesting to learn more about yourself, especially when your features are capable of revealing personality traits. Many people who are born with specific types of noses, choose to change the appearance of their nose for a variety of reasons. Some reasons include alleviating structural issues to improve breathing, repairing damage due to an accident or injury or simply reshaping of the nose for appearance purposes. If you are seeking to change the shape of your nose, you will first want to begin by speaking to a highly experienced and educated plastic surgeon.

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