Revealing Results of a Rhinoplasty: Watch This Young Woman’s Unbelievable Reaction

Transforming Lives Through Results Is What Rhinoplasty Is All About… Meet this patient of Miller’s. She can hardly believe her new nose. For most individuals who are seeking nose jobs, they are looking to alter more than just their aesthetic appearance. They are on an authentic quest to enhance their lives through the power of reclaiming one’s self-esteem. […]

The Truth About Septoplasty

If you find yourself continuously suffering from snoring, sinusitis, breathing difficulties, sleep apnea or other respiratory conditions, it may be more than just falling victim to allergies all year round and the cause may be more serious. These symptoms all point to a condition known as a deviated septum. This condition is characterized by the […]

Go in for MicroRhinoplasty. Wear a False Nose to Look Scary.

Just because Halloween is round the corner, you don’t have to go around looking like a witch with that bump on the bridge of your nose. With MicroRhinoplastyTM, you can sport a smoother and more attractive nose this Halloween. Wear a mask or a false nose instead to look scary. MicroRhinoplastyTM is a minimally-invasive procedure […]

3-D Rhinoplasty in NYC

Reasons For Rhinoplasty Nasal issue that makes breathing through the nose difficult. An injury of your nose or facial structure that may need reconstructive work. Genuine dissatisfaction with the appearance of your nose. When making your decision, there are various types of rhinoplasty that may be a solution. -But is there such a thing as […]

Behind Reality’s New Nose

Reality Star, Jax Taylor Announces A New Nose… And apparently it’s groundbreaking stuff! “Everyone Nose The Truth” As featured on Buzzfeed… Sur bartender, Jax Taylor just made headlines the only way one seemingly can make headlines these days- confirming the plastic surgery speculation by posting to his personal Instagram page! As if the pressures of having […]

Nose Job Guide

If you are considering rhinoplasty, this step-by-step guide for NYC patients from Dr. Philip J. Miller will help you understand what to expect from your procedure. Dr. Philip Miller is widely acclaimed as one of New York City’s premier cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons. With more than 20 years experience, he is a double board certified in Facial […]