Septoplasty procedure in NYC allow a facial plastic surgeon to realign the wall between the two nostrils – the septum – to achieve balance and symmetry within the two nasal cavities. Septoplasty is a surgery to straighten a deviated septum. For some NYC patients, the simple act of breathing can be a labored affair. Structural irregularities in one or both of the nasal cavities can lead to nasal obstructions that impede airflow. The most common irregularity is a deviated septum – a condition where partition between the two nasal cavities does not run straight down the center of the nose. The crooked shape contributes to the blockage that prevents open airflow and hinders patient breathing.

For New York patients with this condition, a septoplasty procedure can correct the problem and return their breathing to normal.


The nasal septum is the wall that divides the two sides of the inner nose which should be properly aligned for the healthy noses. However, the nasal septum can be crooked for some people. When this occurs, it is known as a deviated septum, which can block the nasal passage and contribute to symptoms of nasal blockage and obstruction. Deviated septums can be corrected through septal surgery, also known as deviated septum surgery or a septoplasty. Dr. Philip Miller specializes in septoplasty in NYC and has over 20 years experience performing this type of surgery. Since a deviated septum usually produces no external visual signs, most people with a deviated septum do not even know they have this condition. But for some people the deviation causes problems such as snoring, sinusitis, breathing difficulties, sleep apnea and respiratory complaints. These types of issues may often require surgical procedures.

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Septoplasty procedures in NYC can be performed independently from rhinoplasty surgery. The surgeon can usually realign the septum into the midline using incisions all well hidden within the nostrils. The procedure begins with the surgeon separating the septum from the mucosa lining surrounding it. The septum is repositioned and the mucosa lining is replaced.


There are numerous benefits associated with a septoplasty procedure, including:

  • Improved Breathing

By clearing the nasal passages, you can enjoy uninterrupted breathing patterns.

  • Better Sleep

Impeded nasal airways are the leading cause of a poor night’s sleep. Whether it is excessive snoring, sleep apnea or other conditions, repairing the inner nasal structure to improve airflow can be the most effective way to enjoy more restful nights.

  • Fewer Sinus Infections

When the nasal passageways are blocked by structural deformities, the nose cannot naturally maintain clean airways and sinus drainage cannot easily occur. This results in an increase in sinus infections. By creating an open and unimpeded airway, drainage improves and these infections are reduced.

  • Improved Senses of Smell and Taste

When you can’t properly inhale through your nose, your key senses of smell and taste are adversely affected. By re-aligning the nasal passageways, your senses will be awakened to a whole new world around you.

Am I A Good Candidate For Septoplasty?

If you experience excessive snoring, sleep apnea, recurrent sinusitis, or other respiratory complaints, you may be a good candidate for a septoplasty procedure. An otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor), such as Dr. Miller, can examine you to identify whether a deviated septum is the cause of your problems.

Other candidates for septoplasty include patients who experience a deviated septum as the result of injury or trauma to the nose. In those instances, a nose job procedure may need to be performed in addition to the septoplasty, to correct the external appearance of the nose as well as the deviated septum.

How Do I Learn More About Septoplasty?

If you experience difficulty breathing or have suffered trauma or injury to the nose, you may be an excellent candidate for a septoplasty procedure performed by Dr. Philip Miller in NYC. Simply fill out our convenient contact form or call us at (646) 791-3112, and one of our friendly Patient Advisers will help you get started on the journey to the new and improved you.

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