Revision Rhinoplasty


Revision Rhinoplasty occurs when a patient must undergo a subsequent nose job to repair undesirable results following a previous rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Miller specializes in revision rhinoplasty for his patients in NYC.

Gone are the days of the “one-size-fits-all” nose job. Successful rhinoplasty surgeries today demand a surgeon who is trained in advanced facial procedures and treatments. Dr. Miller has more than 20 years of performing all types of nose job procedures, he has had an opportunity to perfect a variety of revision techniques to achieve impeccable results for his patients.

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Why Does A Rhinoplasty Fail?

No cosmetic surgery procedure can be 100% guaranteed. Final results are impacted in many ways, including poor patient after-care. However, the majority of failed rhinoplasty surgeries can be attributed to the surgeon’s poor choice of specific technique or, if the right solution chosen, failure is in it’s execution. Over-aggressive removal of bone, cartilage or the nasal tip, or improperly placed incisions can all contribute to undesirable results.

Some of these errors are due to simple inexperience. Even if a plastic surgeon is exceptionally skilled in procedures on other parts of the body, he or she may not perform many nose jobs, and may not be the ideal surgeon to ensure the desired results. This is why it is critical that you select a facial plastic surgeon that is skilled and experienced with rhinoplasty procedures.

What Are The Consequences Of A Failed Nose Job?

When a nose job does not provide the intended or expected results, patients face a number of issues.

  • Loss of Self-Esteem

When a discerning patient opts for a nose job and the results don’t turn out as expected, or even make the appearance worse, it can have devastating consequences. Self-esteem and confidence can plummet, affecting all aspects of the person’s life. But emotional consequences are only part of the story.

  • Damaged Nasal Structure

Failed rhinoplasty procedures can severely damage the nasal cartilage and also result in excessive scar tissue, leaving the remaining nasal structure in an extremely fragile state. This makes subsequent rhinoplasty procedures more technically and aesthetically difficult.

  • Loss Of Surgeon Trust

No less important than the physical ramifications, the psychological effect of a failed nose job can be severe. Patients often lose complete trust in plastic surgeons and plastic surgery itself, making it difficult to even consider revision rhinoplasty.

When revision rhinoplasty is required, it is imperative that a patient select a facial plastic surgeon highly experienced in revision rhinoplasty. Performing a revision rhinoplasty surgery is not the same as doing a primary or first time operation. The skin is more difficult to elevate, the scar tissue makes tissue planes disappear, the cartilage may be displaced or non-existent and normal anatomical structures can be distorted or destroyed. Because of the potential for existing structural damage from the previous procedure (or procedures), revision rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures to perform and should only be performed by those specifically trained, highly skilled and experienced in revision rhinoplasty procedures.

When it comes to revision rhinoplasty in NYC, Dr. Miller is a leader in his field. His extensive facial surgery experience, meticulous attention to detail, and compassion for patients facing such revision surgeries are the reasons patients travel from around the world to have him perform their revision rhinoplasty procedure .

What Are The Benefits Of Revision Rhinoplasty?


For patients suffering the unexpected results of a failed nose job, seeking out revision rhinoplasty can provide many benefits.

  • Improved Self-Confidence

When a nose job does not provide expected improvements to appearance, a patient’s self-esteem can plummet even lower than before the surgery. Expectations are crushed and trust can be lost. By seeking out revision rhinoplasty with a skilled facial plastic surgeon, a patient can reclaim their deserved self-confidence once again.

  • Comfortable Breathing

Botched nose jobs sometimes result in obstructed nasal passages that impede a patient’s ability to breathe easily. Revision rhinoplasty can correct these structural issues and allow a patient to return to a normal, natural breathing pattern.

  • Better Health

In some cases, a failed nose job results in breathing difficulties that cause other issues such as interrupted sleep patterns. Poor sleep has a negative impact on all aspects of a patient’s life. With revision rhinoplasty, a patient can alleviate any structural abnormalities caused by the first nose job, and return to a healthy, normal breathing state.

Am I A Good Candidate For Revision Rhinoplasty?

If you had a previous nose job but are not satisfied with the results, you may be a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty. The ideal candidate for subsequent nose job procedures is over 13 years of age, a non-smoker, and is in overall good health.

Due to the specialized nature of revision rhinoplasty, only a qualified facial plastic surgeon that specializes in this procedure can properly evaluate your specific conditions and advise you of your options. Dr. Miller has twenty years experience as a NYC facial plastic surgeon, and specializes in revision rhinoplasty.

How Do I Learn More About Revision Rhinoplasty?

To find out more about Revision Rhinoplasty in NYC, please fill out our convenient Contact Form or call us at (646) 791-3112. One of our friendly Patient Advisers will be happy to schedule your consultation.

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