Paid Scheduling

As a result of his superior skill, unparalleled expertise and renowned reputation as a leading rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC, Dr. Philip J. Miller treats patients from around the world who wish to benefit from his ingeniousness. and cunning prowess and artistry.

What Is A Paid Consultation?

When you are considering a nose job, everything begins with your initial consultation with Dr. Miller. During your consultation, Dr. Miller will personally meet with you to discuss your goals, objectives, and expectaions. He will examine you and evaluate all relevant conditions that are present.

He will discuss specific aspects of the rhinoplasty procedure, including the surgical techniques he will use, information on the anesthesia that will be administered, where the surgery will occur, a step-by-step explanation of post-operative care, and an overview of what to expect during the recovery phase.

If you wish to proceed with a nose job procedure with Dr. Miller, you will next meet with his Patient Adviser to discuss scheduling details and costs.

The consultation fee for those proceeding with surgery is complimentary. The $200 fee is advanced toward the balance of the surgical charges.

What Can I Expect From My Consultation?

When you arrive for your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Miller in NYC, you can expect the following:

  • A Thorough Examination

Dr. Miller will study both exterior and interior nasal structures, as well as your overall facial structure to identify issues or areas of concern as they related to a possible nose job.

  • Explanation Of Technique And Procedure

Based on his findings, Dr. Miller will go through the techniques that will provide the results you seek. These will include open or closed rhinoplasty, as well as ancillary procedures that may be necessary, such as septoplasty.

  • Virtual Rhinoplasty

Using pre-operative photographs he will take during the consultation, Dr. Miller is able to use technology to give you an excellent idea of what your final results will likely be.

  • Review Of Surgical Process

Dr. Miller will explain what you can expect from rhinoplasty surgery, including details on pre-operative preparation, the surgical suite, anesthesia, post-surgical care and the healing process.

Those patients coming to Dr. Miller from outside the greater NYC area will follow a slightly different protocol for their consultations. Please see our Fly-In Program page for details on how the Virtual Consultation process works.

Why Do You Charge A Fee For The Initial Consultation?

Many patients inquire about the fee associated with the initial consultation. The purpose of the consultation fee is to ensure the integrity of the consultation process. For patients who elect to proceed with a nose job procedure with Dr. Miller, the consultation fee is applied towards the cost of surgery.

Patients travel from around the world for rhinoplasty procedures by Dr. Miller. His decades of experience and superior reputation as the leading rhinoplasty expert have created exceptional demand for his time and resources. To ensure the integrity of the consultation process and provide adequate time for each patient, the consultation fee policy has been implemented.

How Do I Schedule My Consultation?

It is easy to set up your Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Miller in the NYC area. Simply fill out our convenient Contact Form or call us at (646) 791-3112, to get started on the journey to the new and improved you.