Non-Surgical Nose Job in NYC

Non-Surgical Nose Job in NYC

Non-surgical nose job in NYC is an exciting alternative to the invasive rhinoplasty procedure that is commonly known today. The non-surgical nose job provides quick healing time, little to no pain and fast results. Even though the procedure has been around for many years, potential candidates are becoming increasingly familiar with this option and are eager to learn more about this convenient and quick way to alter the appearance of their nose.


What is a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

The non-surgical nose job is a procedure that is performed by a licensed and experienced plastic surgeon. It reshapes the nose by using injectable fillers such as Juvederm, Botox, Radiesse or Restylane. It provides NYC patients with a shapely, contoured nose that ultimately enhances overall appearance. During the procedure, areas of the nose are filled in order to change the appearance of the nose.

Ideal Candidates

Those who are interested in correcting minor cosmetic flaws are ideal candidates. If you are looking to lift the angle of the tip of the nose or smooth out bumps on the bridge of the nose, you are considered to be an ideal candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty. Those who have major nasal deformities or those who are looking to reduce the size of the nose will require surgical rhinoplasty.

Why get a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

The reason many NYC patients are opting for a non-surgical nose job is because it is affordable, practically pain-free, produces immediate results with no down time and is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative. It does not require anesthesia and it avoids the risk of bleeding or infection. Patients do not have to take time off of work or alter their regular schedule.


  • Affordable – Non-surgical rhinoplasty is less expensive than invasive surgery.
  • Reversible – The actual non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure is reversible. If you do not like the results your surgeon can take measures to have the fillers dissolved within hours.
  • No Down Time – Having the procedure done will not affect your regular schedule.
  • No Pain – Most patients do not feel pain during or after non-surgical rhinoplasty. At times there may be a slight discomfort, but this goes away quickly.


  • Not Permanent – Non-surgical rhinoplasty is not a permanent solution. It lasts anywhere from nine to twelve months, then the procedure will have to be repeated in order to maintain the desired appearance.
  • Not an Option for Everyone – Those who have serious nasal issues, deformities or require extensive changes to achieve the desired look will not be able to choose the non-surgical option.
  • A Larger Appearance – At times the final result may make the nose appear larger.

Potential patients should consider all of their options when making the decision to have non-surgical rhinoplasty in NYC. Discuss your desired look with your plastic surgeon and allow your doctor to paint a realistic picture of the possible outcome. Make sure you consider that this type of procedure can actually make your nose appear a bit larger than its original size, but on the other hand it does smooth out small bumps and imperfections, usually resulting into a beautiful smooth shape. If you are looking to change the appearance of your nose and do not want to undergo anesthesia, this is a great option for you.

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