Middle Eastern /Arabic Rhinoplasty


Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is a sub-category of ethnic rhinoplasty, which is the specialized area of nose job procedures that takes into account the specific nasal characteristics and features of a particular ethnic group. Dr. Philip Miller specializes in Arabic rhinoplasty surgery for his patients in NYC.

A desire to improve undesirable nasal characteristics yet maintain ethnic integrity, is an oft-repeated request made by Dr. Miller’s Middle Eastern nose job patients. The fear of altering one’s appearance too dramatically and the cultural ramifications that follow, are the specific patient concerns that prompted Dr. Miller to make ethnic rhinoplasty a specialized area of his practice.

Dr. Miller understands that Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients have unique facial structures, including:

  • Large nasal profiles
  • Bulbous, hanging tips

Dr. Miller has developed exclusive nose job techniques that allow him to improve undesirable characteristics of a Middle Eastern patient’s nose while maintaining the ethnic congruity of the overall face. Maintaining the balance between the eyes, nose, lips and chin are the key to success in creating a balanced and beautiful appearance that reflects this ethnic group’s exotic heritage.

Of course, Dr. Miller is also able to satisfy those patients who prefer a less ethnic appearance. Dr. Miller’s two decades of experience in facial plastic surgery and his dedication to every patient allow him to tailor a treatment plan that recognizes and respects each patient’s physical characteristics, individualized goals and objectives.


Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients enjoy wonderful benefits that still maintain respect for their Middle Eastern heritage.

  • Better Health

Perhaps your nose is causing you breathing difficulties or other health problems. A nose job can improve both appearance and functionality, allowing you to enjoy each day free from restrictions caused by nasal irregularities.

  • Improved Appearance

Modifying your nose, no matter how small the change, can give your entire appearance a totally new look. Whether you want subtle or major changes, a new nose can be the foundation for a new you.

  • Higher Self-Esteem

When you feel good about your face, you feel good about yourself. Even subtle changes can make a big difference, and help you gain the confidence you always dreamed of.

Choosing A Surgeon

Perhaps the most important factor in selecting the right surgeon for your Middle Eastern rhinoplasty in NYC is the actual experience the surgeon has in working with patients from the particular ethnic group. A skilled Middle Eastern nose job surgeon should be able to recognize and address the unique facial characteristics specific to this ethnic group.

In the world of cosmetic surgery, success is measured in “before and after” photographs. A surgeon skilled with Middle Eastern rhinoplasty will have a portfolio of photographic evidence that demonstrates expertise in this area.


If you are of Middle Eastern or Arabic descent and are concerned with the appearance of your nose, you may be a good candidate for Middle Eastern rhinoplasty. The ideal nose job candidate is at least 13 years old, a non-smoker and in good overall health.

Only a skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon that specializes in Middle Eastern rhinoplasty can perform a thorough examination and determine the benefits a nose job procedure can provide you.

How Do I Learn More About Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty?

To learn more about Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty in NYC, please contact our office to set up a consultation with Dr. Miller. You may fill out our convenient Contact Form or call us at (646) 791-3112, and one of our Patient Advisers will be happy to help you.


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