Ethnic Nose Job Tips


Dr. Miller’s understanding of the nuances of the ethnic nose combined with specialized techniques and strategies to address these characteristics, result in stunning nose jobs that provide dramatic results yet maintain a patient’s ethnic integrity.

As a result of this work and his 20 plus years of experience, Dr. Miller offers the following tips for patients considering ethnic rhinoplasty.

Dr. Miller specializes in different types of ethnic rhinoplasty:

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What Should I Think About When Considering An Ethnic Nose Job?

An ethnic patient who wants a nose job must determine how much of a change he or she desires. For most ethic rhinoplasty patients, this requires a careful balancing of aesthetic improvements and ethnic respect.

One common concern among ethnic nose job patients is the fear of looking too “westernized” after the procedure. For most ethnic patients, the desire for self-improvement must be carefully balanced with maintaining their important ethnic and cultural heritage. The key to successful ethnic rhinoplasty is maintaining a balance between these competing goals.


What Factors Are Important When Selecting My Ethnic Nose Job Surgeon?

Each ethnic nose presents unique structural characteristics. For example, the African-American nose tends to have wide nostrils and a low nasal bridge. This requires a different surgical approach than a Middle Eastern nose that usually presents with a large hump on the bridge and droopy nasal tip.

When considering ethnic rhinoplasty, a patient should examine the surgeon’s skill and experience with their particular ethnic group. The best plastic surgeon in the world may have little to no experience with a particular ethnic group, which can call into question the final results.


What If I Require An Implant or Graft During My Ethnic Nose Job?

While many rhinoplasty procedures involve reducing the size or shape of the nose, sometimes there is a need for structural reinforcement within the nasal structure. In those cases, implant or graft material must be used.

Be sure to ask your surgeon about where the implant or graft material will be obtained in the event it is needed for your ethnic rhinoplasty procedure.


How Do I Know If I’m A Good Candidate For Ethnic Nose Job?

If you are of a particular ethnic descent and are concerned with the appearance of your nose, you may be a good candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty. The ideal nose job candidate is a non-smoker, in good general health and is at least 13 years old.

Only a skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon that focuses in ethnic rhinoplasty can perform a thorough examination and determine the benefits an ethnic nose job procedure can provide you.

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