Different Types of Noses Among Men and Women

While many people have pretty eyes and a strong jawline, many have different nose shapes that fit their their facial symmetry perfectly. While others have unproportioned noses that do not match their face characteristics. For those who are unsatisfied, with the look of their nose, there is a surgical procedure known as rhinoplasty, where a plastic surgeon alters the contours of a nose to make it less unappealing. Just like different body shapes and sizes, noses can be classified into categories. People with different nose types have different characters and personalities. This article will focus on the different types of noses among men and women and all are different in both shapes and characters as you will soon find out.

Roman Nose

The Roman nose is considered as one of the most attractive kinds among both men and women. It is straight, almost flawless, and ends with a soft curvy tip. It is synonymous with the Aquiline nose. People with Roman noses are best known for their firmness and decisiveness in dealing with issues. They have belief and devote their energy in the things that matter to them. They are also people who do not do things impulsively and they have a very strong personality. Even though they are good at influencing other people, they like to take their time with things and they do not rush to making decisions.

Example: Daniel Radcliffe


Snub Nose

The Snub nose is small and button-like with a slight widening that gives it an adorable look. These types of nose shapes are generally smaller in size and they tend to be turned up too. In most cases, the tip of the nose is neither flat nor round and their tip that is slightly upturning brings an impression of a very snobbish person. Those that have the Snub nose shape are also considered to be immature.

Example: Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney-nose

Celestial Nose

The Celestial nose is a pretty one with a subtle upturned tip. This Tinkerbell-like nose is quite an angelic feature. People with the Celestial nose are best known for being optimists and are rounded by a kind demeanour and a bright personality. They are loving people who give positive vibes and love around their friends and family and it is very comforting to be beside them. People with upturned noses are also believed to be adventurous in their sexual appetite but also ground their relationships and marriages strongly.

Example: Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan-nose

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Redknapp Nose

The Redknapp nose is large but not the kind that attracts unwanted attention. It’s sturdy and just the right size to complete a strong-featured face. It is believed that 1 in 50 has this type of nose shape. It adds striking complements to the facial features. They can also be dubbed as fairly materialistic and active people.

Example: Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp-nose

Rumpole Nose

The Rumpole nose is imposing and quite large. It has a protruding end that borders on fleshy. It is said that only one in 200 have such a nose. It is a bulky type of nose that has a protruding end which is rather fleshy with a bulbous beak. Those people with Rumpole noses are said to be materialistic and at the same time very energetic.

Example: Leo McKern

Leo McKern-nose

Hawk Nose

The Hawk nose, as the name suggests, is beak-like and slightly curvy towards the end. People with Hawk shaped noses are unafraid to stand out as the odd one out. They are not easily influenced by others or the general public. They do not build their lives or actions on the approval from others, very independent people who live life on their own terms and are happy chasing and living their own lives and dreams.

Example: Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody-nose

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Mirren Nose

The Mirren nose gets its name from the famous actress Helen Mirren. It’s a pointed feature that is usually long and straight this nose is also pointed and very thin. People who have the Mirren nose type are known to be very intelligent and cautious. The Mirren nose also represents a sign of regal elegance.

Example: Helen Mirren


Lenin Nose

The Lenin nose is broad (much like an inverted triangle) with flared nostrils. People who have the Lenin nose type are defined to be independent and expressive. They like to speak their mind at all times. Also, Lenin noses do not require a leader, they are their own leader.

Example: Vladimir Lenin


Nixon Nose

The Nixon nose is a feature that spells extraordinaire with its straight bridge, curvy edge, and wide nostrils. It is named quite aptly after the prolific ex-President of the US, Richard Nixon. People with Nixon noses are defined to have a good judgement of business and ambition. They are characterised by leadership qualities and tend to care very much about their loved ones.

Example: Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon nose

Tara Nose

The Tara nose is a rare sight to behold where it is uneven-looking at first sight. The bumpiness of the nose’s contours is what makes it a unique feature.  People with Tara noses are deduced to be fun loving in nature and pleasant to have around.

Example: Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson-nose

Greek Nose

The Greek nose or Straight nose is, as the English name suggests, one that is perfectly straight! The Greek nose tops the list as the most beautiful of nose varieties. Models usually have this powerful feature that complements the rest of their face. People with this nose shape are said to have intelligent personalities and are highly skilled. They are also very functional and very inspiring. They are also logical thinkers who make it a point to keep their emotions in check.

Example: Jennifer Aniston 

Jennifer Aniston nose


Duchess Nose

The Duchess nose is a striking feature that sets off a kind of aural beauty. The straight-edged nose is rightly named so after Kate Middleton. Experts have found that this type of nose is the “ideal nose”. People with this nose shape are considered to have a very fun personality, they are creative and spontaneous expect for the occasional temporal outbursts, they surely love what they do and try to create a fun bubbly atmosphere.

Example: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton-nose


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