Understanding The Recovery of a Rhinoplasty Procedure

shutterstock_146002994Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job”, is an invasive, cosmetic procedure that is performed to either help reshape the nose to a more desired contour, shape and size, help with outstanding health issues or repair damage from an accident or injury. Each year, thousands of individuals undergo rhinoplasty to achieve relief in some way or another. With an invasive surgery as major as rhinoplasty, it is important to ensure that you seek out a specialist that can answer all of your questions and address your concerns pre-op.

One question that Dr. Miller hears quite often is how long the recovery phase will take and will the patient be required to stay in a hospital bed. Understanding the entire rhinoplasty process from beginning to end is important to ensure safe healing and can help avoid any further complications or infections.

Everyone is always eager to see the final product, however, patience is key with any major cosmetic surgery. The reason the healing process takes so long, anywhere between a year and 18 months, is because the skin had been lifted up from the existing bone and cartilage of the nose. After the surgery is complete, there is swelling in the surrounding areas which can take anywhere from 3 weeks up to 3 months for the swelling to completely go down. The skin must go through a healing phase which is called “contraction”. This process is commonly referred to as the “shrink wrap” process in which the skin will become tighter around the bone and cartilage over time. In some cases, it may take up to two years for the final look to be complete.

There are multiple benefits that come along with a rhinoplasty procedure including a better night’s rest, the ability to breathe easier and improved self-confidence. Ensuring that you are in good withstanding health is important in any medical situation.

For more information on the rhinoplasty healing procedure timeline, watch the video below as Dr. Miller addresses one of the most popular questions he is asked.


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