Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon Reveals Top Nose Shapes on Examiner

ed6719e8adcf1556a6fe59ec1d2bdf34Dr. Philip Miller of NYC’s Gotham Plastic Surgery is a highly-accredited rhinoplasty surgeon, specializing on the latest innovations and procedures among the mass population and revolutionizing the industry. As an expert in a wide variety of techniques catering to customized needs, Miller leads the forefront by offering invaluable insight on the cutting-edge (pun-intended) technology known as ‘PhotoFace’.

If shows like CSI have taught us anything, its that DNA cells can be traced through strands of hair and fingerprints. No criminal stands a chance against science right? Well, bad guys have something new to worry about…

The advanced mechanics of PhotoFace allows ‘perps’ to be identified by the scanning of noses. By measuring the width of the nose, the length of the ridge, and the width of the area underneath the eyebrows, individuals are capable of categorizing one’s nose shape into one of six classifications. The high-tech computer collects personalized data by snapping four photos of the individual with the use of distinct lighting approaches for each. Many notorious culprits have sought after the likes of top surgeons to alter the dimensions of their nose simply to transform their look at an attempt to keep them elusive to catch. Although it is extremely rare to find two people with the same exact nose, changing the overall shape is equally as difficult.

Dr. Miller distinguishes the six major types of nose shapes and what they say about you.

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