Teen Rhinoplasty: Getting Ready for the Senior Portrait

The Results of Teen Rhinoplasty: A Nose That Looks Perfect on Your Face (Image courtesy Glenn Francis on Wikipedia via CC BY-SA 4.0 International license)

The Results of Teen Rhinoplasty: A Nose That Looks Perfect on Your Face (Image courtesy Glenn Francis on Wikipedia via CC BY-SA 4.0 International license)

Being a teenager is not easy, and when you know that the senior portrait or the group selfie is going to go viral, it is natural to feel shy if you don’t have the perfect nose. And as for you parents, seeing your teenaged son or daughter getting depressed over or being taunted for his or her nose is frustrating. Consider teen rhinoplasty to help him re-focus on his or her studies and hobbies.

When Should You Consider Teen Rhinoplasty?

You can consider teen rhinoplasty if your teenaged ward is so dissatisfied with the appearance of his nose that he refuses to go out in public or pose for pictures, or cannot concentrate on his daily activities. If he is being bullied for his nose, then you must do something to ease his life. Teen rhinoplasty could be the solution.

Teenagers may need a nose job even for medical reasons. Sometimes, a misshapen or crooked nose—that may be congenital or the result of some traumatic injury—can trigger health concerns like difficulty sleeping or breathing. These are grave health issues; lack of adequate sleep can impair a teenager’s physical and mental development while not being able to breathe properly can prevent him from being active and doing what he loves.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Teen Rhinoplasty?

Although teen rhinoplasty is a safe procedure with a short recovery period, not every teenager is deemed an ideal candidate to undergo certain techniques or treatment. An ethical plastic surgeon who specializes in teen rhinoplasty does not operate on a patient unless he is satisfied that the teenager fulfills all the criteria for the procedure.

The ideal candidate for teen rhinoplasty is a teenager whose nose has fully matured. Girls’ noses mature between 14 and 15 years of age while that of boys, between 16 and 18 years. However, the surgeon checks nasal development before he okays a patient for the procedure.

A teenager is considered the right candidate for rhinoplasty if he is physically healthy and psychologically ready for the procedure. It is critical that the patient understands what the procedure entails and what he should expect during the recovery period. He should also harbor realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. Although teen rhinoplasty before-and-after photographs show dramatic transformations, the patient must understand that the surgeon will reshape his nose in a way that best matches the rest of his facial features. An aquiline nose or a nose with a cute upturned tip may suit his favorite movie star but not him.

Teen rhinoplasty helps improve self-esteem and lets a teenager overcome his body image issues in a healthy way. We all want to look good and your teenaged son or daughter is not an exception. We live in an age where looking good is so easy that there is no dearth of beautiful people around and have created a culture that worships beauty. So it is natural that teenagers would not want to go around with a misshapen nose.


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