Revision Rhinoplasty: Your Second Chance to Improved Self-Esteem

Revision rhinoplasty can reverse the results of all kinds of blotched nose jobs. (Image courtesy Clio20 on Wikipedia via CC BY-SA 3.0)

Revision rhinoplasty can reverse the results of all kinds of blotched nose jobs. (Image courtesy Clio20 on Wikipedia via CC BY-SA 3.0)

There is still hope after a blotched nose job, and it is called revision rhinoplasty. As you make resolutions this coming New Year and pledge to give yourself another chance to become your best version, remember that a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty can fix what went wrong with your previous nose job. A revision rhinoplasty can not only create the appearance that you had craved for but also correct any breathing or health problem that the earlier blotched surgery may have triggered. This New Year, pledge that you won’t live with mistakes from the past.

Why Can Rhinoplasty Fail?

Rhinoplasty can fail due to several reasons.

For instance, improper post-surgery care can hamper the healing process, so patients do not achieve the results they had hoped for.

A nose job can also fail because of the fault of the surgeon. An inexperienced plastic surgeon can err in the choice of a rhinoplasty method, which means that the nose job is doomed from the start.

On the other hand, the surgeon may choose the right method but err in its execution. This is usually the case with plastic surgeons who are not as skillful carrying out nose jobs as they are with other types of cosmetic surgeries. An over-eager plastic surgeon can remove too much bone or cartilage or sculpt away at the tip of the nose too aggressively leaving the patient with a nose that does not match his pre-surgery expectations.

Rhinoplasty is a job that requires both surgical skills and aesthetic sense. Now this is a skillset that not many surgeons have.

There is no one kind of perfect nose. A patient may want to have his nose reshaped to look like that of his favorite actor whom he considers the most handsome man around. But a plastic surgeon must first consider if that nose will gel with the rest of the facial features of his patient. This takes aesthetic sense and a certain degree of vision and imagination. Plastic surgeons who do not possess these skills end up crafting “perfect” noses that look out of place on their patients’ faces. This is also a blotched nose job.

When Do You Need Revision Rhinoplasty?

A failed nose job mars your appearance. You are not only disappointed but also feel shy about your looks. Some people feel so self-conscious that they may refuse to go out in public or slump into depression. A revision rhinoplasty delivers you from this situation by improving your self-esteem.

In many cases, a blotched nose job can trigger breathing problems, especially when the reshaping and restructuring work ends up blocking nasal passages. Difficulty in breathing can, in turn, lead to a host of other problems like sleep apnea and feelings of breathlessness after engaging in physical activities. Sometimes impaired breathing can hamper with restful sleep and make a person feel tired, groggy, and cranky the next day.

These are serious problems that need to be corrected at once. Revision rhinoplasty resolves these issues and lets you look and feel the way you have always wanted to.

Don’t let a blotched nose job erode your trust in plastic surgery. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, a nose job produces dramatic and immensely fulfilling results. But before you undergo revision rhinoplasty, ensure that you choose a surgeon who specializes in nose jobs. You have a second chance to undo a mistake; be prudent!


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