Learn More About African-American Rhinoplasty in NYC

If you ask an individual what defines them, many will respond with ethnicity. It’s a strong defining factor that cannot be ignored. We all look different. Ethnicity is the defining factor that contributes so strongly to our differences. For this reason, Rhinoplasty is also defined by ethnicity. When pursuing a nose job, patients want to […]

How Virtual Rhinoplasty Enhances Your Nose Job

Thinking about getting a nose job? If so, there are probably several reasons why. Perhaps you have a nasal issue that makes breathing through the nose difficult. Maybe you’ve been injured and your nose needs reconstructive work. It could even be something as simple as a genuine dissatisfaction with the appearance of your nose and […]

How a Nose Job Can Make You Look Younger

Many people in New York City choose to get a nose job for a variety of reasons, including due to medical reasons, deformities, accidents and the desire for a new look. Plastic surgeons carefully help and guide each patient to the procedure that best suits them. Doctors have a goal to improve the harmony of […]

7 Rhinoplasty Preparation Tips

If you are uncomfortable with the size or shape of your nose, you’re in good company. Rhinoplasty is the most popular procedure performed each year. With the right doctor, rhinoplasty can yield great results for patients in NYC. We recommend these 7 rhinoplasty preparation tips to achieve the best possible results.

10 Benefits of Rhinoplasty [Infographic]

Dr. Philip Miller highlights the 10 benefits of rhinoplasty in his most recent infographic. As an expert in rhinoplasty, with over 20 years experience, Dr. Miller believes that a nose job is not just a procedure but a solution. In fact, rhinoplasty offers several solutions for patients who experience an array of impediments.

How to Select a Surgeon for Ethnic Rhinoplasty in NYC

Rhinoplasty is desired by many who seek to correct specific issues with their nose and those who are looking to acquire facial balance in relation to their nose. Rhinoplasty can correct impaired breathing, nasal asymmetry, bumps, nasal tips and much more. Those who have ethnic features usually want to seek out a surgeon that is […]