Breaking Down A Blunt Osteotomy Rhinoplasty

The term osteotomy, derived from Greek, is defined in the medical dictionary as a surgical operation in which a bone is divided or a piece of bone is excised (as to correct a deformity). This article concerns the surgical technique of cutting bone in the performance of rhinoplasty (nasal surgery). Most, although not all, rhinoplasties […]

Revealing Results of a Rhinoplasty: Watch This Young Woman’s Unbelievable Reaction

Transforming Lives Through Results Is What Rhinoplasty Is All About… Meet this patient of Miller’s. She can hardly believe her new nose. For most individuals who are seeking nose jobs, they are looking to alter more than just their aesthetic appearance. They are on an authentic quest to enhance their lives through the power of reclaiming one’s self-esteem. […]

Predicting Rhinoplasty

A major problem for many rhinoplastic surgeons is the ability to predict, before surgery, the difficulty of the procedure (whether the rhinoplasties will be technically easy or technically difficult to perform) and the success rate of the result (whether the rhinoplasty will likely give good results or poor ones). The present paper outlines a systematic […]

MicroRhinoplasty Gets “Noticed” on New Theory

Facing Yourself With MicroRhinoplasty: The Trending Treatment As featured on In a society that has put a spotlight on vanity and outward appearance, there is an increasing awareness of self-image in comparison to modern-day beauty expectations and self-esteem. Now more than ever, with the help of the internet and social media, people are dissecting […]

The Truth About Septoplasty

If you find yourself continuously suffering from snoring, sinusitis, breathing difficulties, sleep apnea or other respiratory conditions, it may be more than just falling victim to allergies all year round and the cause may be more serious. These symptoms all point to a condition known as a deviated septum. This condition is characterized by the […]

Ethnic Techniques Driving Nose Job Results in NYC

When an individual is contemplating going under the knife for cosmetic purposes, they are making a large commitment to change. Some procedures may alter someone’s overall ethnic appearance, which is why taking the time to consider the right doctor for you and your desired results is crucial. As we know, all individuals are different, along […]