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Facing Yourself With MicroRhinoplasty: The Trending Treatment

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In a society that has put a spotlight on vanity and outward appearance, there is an increasing awareness of self-image in comparison to modern-day beauty expectations and self-esteem. Now more than ever, with the help of the internet and social media, people are dissecting themselves more closely and meticulously.

While some believe they could use a bit of work here and there, a handful of others want a total revamp of their outward appearance. The bold and daring act fast while the apprehensive hang back a bit due to the major factors that should be taken into consideration when undergoing such an invasive surgery like rhinoplasty.

Pre-operative consultations, a full understanding of process and procedure along with extensive instructions given by the doctor post-operation may not be enough to comfort individuals and help them further decide whether or not they should go through with the surgery. The thought of undergoing an invasive procedure that will give evident, dramatic results to the main focal point of an individual accompanied by a long, uncomfortable recovery period is not enough to push people into the actual surgery itself. Not to mention the fear of unattractive, unexpected results.

For all individuals that are skeptical about undergoing a traditional rhinoplasty due to the invasive procedure, extensive healing period and dramatic results, Dr. Miller has just the solution for you. Rid yourself of the hesitation and embrace Micro Rhinoplasty.

Micro Rhinoplasty is a specialized nasal procedure that is used to aid in the correction of a misshapen nose, for example, a large nasal hump or a preexisting bump along the bridge of the nose. In comparison to the typical 1 ½ -2 hour invasive procedure, a micro rhinoplasty is performed within minutes under local anesthesia comfortably in at Dr. Miller’s in-office suites.

Using a very small, innovative microrasp, Dr. Miller can enter through a small incision that has been made inside of the nostril to precisely shave down fine layers of bone away from the nasal bridge, reshaping the structure to a more desired, contoured form. This microsaw helps eliminate the process of peeling back the nasal skin and tissues while avoiding the breaking of bone or having to use stitches when the procedure is complete. Considering this surgery does not require any breaking of bones, stitching etc., there are very few minor risks involved such as infection, poor wound healing, or asymmetry.

With a short procedure comes a quick recovery time. There is little to no pain and discomfort associated with the healing process. Bruising and swelling may occur, however this is minor and should resolve the following two to three weeks. Patients typically return to regular daily activities within two-three days, however, it is strongly recommended that strenuous activity be postponed approximately four to six weeks, until the individual has completely healed.


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