How Virtual Rhinoplasty Enhances Your Nose Job

virtual-rhinoplasty-NYCThinking about getting a nose job? If so, there are probably several reasons why. Perhaps you have a nasal issue that makes breathing through the nose difficult. Maybe you’ve been injured and your nose needs reconstructive work. It could even be something as simple as a genuine dissatisfaction with the appearance of your nose and you’ve decided that rhinoplasty may be a solution.

Whether you’ve made up your mind or are still contemplating it, invariably, one of your primary concerns is what you will look like after having the work done. After all, your face is the first feature about you that people notice when they meet you and your nose is the central focal point of your face. When it comes to rhinoplasty, how you will look is of paramount importance no matter what other reasons you might have for doing it.

Years ago, you really had to trust the skills of the cosmetic surgeon and hope you looked better after the surgery than you did before it. Unfortunately, this didn’t always happen and recipients of nose jobs were subject to embarrassment and even ridicule for a “botched” procedure. Surgeons suffered from “bad PR” and most likely, a slew of lawsuits from unsatisfied patients. Doctors could provide before and after photos of successful work, but they would be pictures of other people, not the patient himself/herself. There was no way of really knowing how you would look at the end. Cosmetic surgery was riskier 20, 30, or 40 years ago than it is today, thanks (for the most part) to virtual (or 3D) Rhinoplasty.

First of all, virtual rhinoplasty is NOT rhinoplasty. I had to get that out there because I’m sure someone would read “virtual rhinoplasty” and think of it as an alternative to the actual procedure or surgery. It’s not. Virtual rhinoplasty supplements the procedure by providing a more reliable picture (literally) of what the end result will be.

Your nose is photographed using a 3D camera. The resulting image is manipulated to show, with surprising accuracy, how you will look after the procedure. There are two advantages to this. First, you can enter the procedure with realistic expectations of the end result. This is a helpful aid in making the decision to have the work done or not to. Second, you can discuss the outcome with the surgeon who can also provide them with possible visual alternatives (depending on what they need). This allows you more control over the outcome than would be available without 3D imaging technology. It’s really a “win-win” for you and your doctor alike.

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