Hollywood’s Favorite Feature

Hollywood has spoken and certainly “nose” best. The Insider List compiled the Top 6 of everyone’s favorite leading actors, actresses, and musicians who seem to share that “it” factor. And by “it” factor, we mean being a distinctive feature that separates them from everyone else- yours and our, favorite facial focal point- the nose! These big names come with a bigger than average noses that have only helped skyrocket their careers with memorable faces to go along with their talent. This is proof that not everyone needs a dainty, soft button like nose in order to sustain Hollywood status. These individuals used their most distinct trait to keep their names on the tip of everyone’s tongue. They never wanted to change their most defining characteristic to fit the celebrity standard of beauty. The best part is they won! Known for their sharper noses, their noses never got in their way from an ever-growing and evolving fan base keeping them all in the limelight. Let’s just say they sniffed out the competition a long time ago…

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but Hollywood happens to have some strict standards of beauty. It is not surprising actors and actresses have to work hard (and shell out fortunes) to achieve and maintain these standards. In the midst of cookie-cutter physiques, uncannily similar pouts, and brows that look like they have emerged from the assembly line, some actors and actresses stand out with their distinct noses. Their noses defy the conventional ideals of beauty, but nonetheless the wearers do not seem bothered.

6. Willem Dafoe

5. Meryl Streep 

4. Barbra Streisand 

3. Lea Michele 

2. Owen Wilson

1. Adrien Brody 

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