Go in for MicroRhinoplasty. Wear a False Nose to Look Scary.

Go in for MicroRhinoplasty. You can wear a mask to look scary on Halloween. (Image courtesy kheinz on Pixabay via CC0 Public Domain license)

Go in for MicroRhinoplasty. You can wear a mask to look scary on Halloween. (Image courtesy kheinz on Pixabay via CC0 Public Domain license)

Just because Halloween is round the corner, you don’t have to go around looking like a witch with that bump on the bridge of your nose. With MicroRhinoplastyTM, you can sport a smoother and more attractive nose this Halloween. Wear a mask or a false nose instead to look scary. MicroRhinoplastyTM is a minimally-invasive procedure that utilizes the latest in plastic surgery technology to overcome the drawbacks of osteotomy, the traditional procedure for correcting structural abnormalities of the nose.

What are the Advantages of MicroRhinoplastyTM?

If that hump or bump on the nose is bothering you and eating away at your self-esteem, then now is the time to go in for MicroRhinoplastyTM. This procedure has several advantages over osteotomy.

In traditional osteotomy, the plastic surgeon deliberately fractures the bones of the nose and reshapes them to get rid of the bump. This is a highly-invasive procedure whose success depends on the capabilities and experience of the surgeon (read: there is much room for error). There is also considerable swelling, bruising, and pain after the surgery, which means that you have to endure significant downtime. This might not be the ideal nose job procedure for patients in New York, a busy city where the race to get ahead is fierce and the cost of taking time off from work is high.

During MicroRhinoplastyTM, the surgeon inserts a fine, specialized device through a tiny incision made on the nostril and removes the bony layers of the bump. You do not feel much pain and the very little swelling and bruising that occurs, if any, subside on their own within a few days after the surgery. You can resume your normal, daily activities within a day or two. However, you should do stressful physical activities after you are completely healed, which is around 4-6 weeks. There are no unsightly scars as well.

Many patients report severe complications and adverse side effects in the days and weeks after a traditional osteotomy. But MicroRhinoplastyTM does not cause unpleasant and severe side effects.

Traditional osteotomy is time-consuming. It is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes a couple of hours. On the other hand, MicroRhinoplastyTM takes just a few minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. It is generally performed on an outpatient basis, and you can return home the same day.

The results of MicroRhinoplastyTM are impressive. Browse through a few MicroRhinoplastyTM before-and-after photographs to see for yourself.

Why Should You Go in for MicroRhinoplastyTM?

A bump on the bridge of the nose is unsightly and takes away from the beauty of your facial features. You may feel shy about your appearance. In some cases, a bump on the nose can be inconvenient as well, especially if you wear glasses and the bump is located high on the bridge of the nose.

MicroRhinoplastyTM has several advantages over traditional osteotomy. The sheer convenience makes it the ideal nose job for people who want to improve their facial features without having to endure the typical hassles of a highly-invasive plastic surgery procedure. Because MicroRhinoplastyTM has almost no downtime, NOW is the time to schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Banish the bump on your nose before Halloween because the witch look will be passé afterwards.


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