Examiner Features: NYC facial surgeon allowing you to test-drive a nose job

Recently, the public was introduced to the idea of “Vacation Boobs” as leading the forefront of cosmetic requests. Women essentially “test-driving” what it may be like to undergo an augmentation peaked my curiosity to uncover other types of temporary progressive, non-invasive treatments and techniques available.

Dr. Philip Miller is a highly-accredited rhinoplasty surgeon, specializing on the latest innovations and procedures among the mass population and revolutionizing the industry. When it comes to plastic surgery, the greatest cause of apprehension is considerably an obvious one: unrealistic expectations and permanent results. Rhinoplasty is one of the top-requested surgical procedures, yet not every inquiry is carried out due to the fear of the forever unknown.

What if I told you there was a cutting-edge treatment that uses injectable fillers to correct, change the shape, size and position of the nasal tip, straighten out the nose, and even hide bumps, all without going under the knife and being forever unrecognizable?

Liquid Rhinoplasty is a non-surgical solution used to temporarily modify the the shape of the nose, enhance your overall aesthetic appearance and boost your confidence. For the right patient, liquid rhinoplasty is a convenient and pain-free alternative to a traditionally invasive method. This strategy allows individual’s to test out surgery with no real, life-changing commitment. It is kind of like the “living together before marriage” ordeal for cosmetic plastic surgery. After all, the nose is the focal point to the face. This will become a standard benefit, or added step in the process, rather than jumping right into things.

The advantages of liquid rhinoplasty seem endless, there is no recovery time required, results are immediate, safe, effective, just not permanent. Liquid rhinoplasty procedures in NYC utilize hyaluronic acid fillers. These fillers, including Restylane and Juvederm are preferred, as they are the easiest to mold and shape. They also may be removed within 24 hours if necessary. Sounds to me like typical cosmetic maintenance for the future. The longevity of the outcome can range based on the specifics of the customized treatment plan. Everything from the brand of fillers to the target area being treated may affect how long the results will last.

Dr. Philip Miller is widely acclaimed as one of New York city’s premier cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons. His 20 years experience and well-deserved reputation as a leading expert in various rhinoplasty revision and treatment give him instant authority to break down why this is the perfect resolve for those who are seeking to improve, but are hesitant for some reason or another.

“Rhinoplasty treatments should be a completely personalized experience. As a top surgeon in NYC, it is my responsibility to provide you with all of the facts and treatment options accessible to you. There are so many different techniques out there, but this advancement that we have perfected has the ability to change the dynamic in cosmetic rhinoplasty, which has seemingly been the same for years. It is very important to educating a person on the different types of services that will meet their needs since their are so many customized factors that can contribute to selecting the proper treatment. Liquid rhinoplasty however, can ease your stress about invasive operations, financial burdens, and any disappointment due to the permanent change you are considering that will ultimately affect your entire life.

I found it so interesting that the industry is moving in this direction. Although I have to admit, I could not help myself as I researched more about liquid rhinoplasty, to reflect back on a scene from “Addam’s Family Values.”

Wednesday Addams told a horrifing camp story to a group of snobby, bubbly tweens, “And the next morning, when the campers woke up, all of their old noses had grown back!” Through liquid rhinoplasty, this has become reality.

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