Ethnic Techniques Driving Nose Job Results in NYC


When an individual is contemplating going under the knife for cosmetic purposes, they are making a large commitment to change. Some procedures may alter someone’s overall ethnic appearance, which is why taking the time to consider the right doctor for you and your desired results is crucial.

As we know, all individuals are different, along with their needs and desires. Finding an ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC who understands a patient’s current situation can help better deliver results that are both effective and satisfying. By finding a doctor that has specific concentration, experience and knowledge in a certain area, you will have more confidence in the overall process and results.

Dr. Philip Miller, one of NYC’s highly acclaimed cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons, specializes in multiple types of rhinoplasty and treats patients from all around the world in his Manhattan office. Dr. Miller understands that each individual differs along with their reason behind the procedure and the results that they are seeking for ethnic rhinoplasty.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty takes place when an individual had previously undergone a procedure that produced undesirable results. This can take a large toll on the patient’s self-confidence, breathing and overall health.

There are multiple factors that may have aided in poor results such as poor patient aftercare, inexperienced surgeon and technique, over aggressive removal of bone and cartilage or improper placement of incision. This can cause low self-esteem of overall appearance, a lack of trust in other surgeons and damaged nasal structure. This is why it is extremely important to find a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty revision to ensure that this problem will not occur.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

With an expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Miller has a strong understanding of how culture plays a large role in delivering effective, proper results. With much experience in cultural structure of the facial features, Dr. Miller can help patients achieve end-results without losing ethnic integrity.

African America

Patients of African-American descent have common features that are particular to their own ethnic group. Some features include a low nasal bridge, thick nasal skin, weak and/or thin cartilage and wide nostrils.

However, Dr. Miller has had cases in which a patient desires a “designer nose” with no regards to maintain ethnic identity and still delivers exceptional results.



Patients that are of Asian descent commonly have a flat nasal profile, a slight bridge, a wide nasal tip with poor strength, and flared nostrils.

Common mistakes made in procedures performed by inexperienced surgeons include over augmentation of the bridge, pinching the tip and excessive narrowing of the nostrils.


Hispanic or Latino’s display common nasal features such as a bulbous nasal tip and thick nasal skin. Spanish individuals have more of a large bridge where Caribbean, Central and South American’s have wide-flat nostrils, nasal tips and bridges.



Common nasal features from Jewish cultural group include a large dorsal hump, over-projected tip or an amorphous tip. These patients typically seek a more refined nose without eliminating their ethnic appearance.



Patients of Korean descent commonly display a flat nasal profile, slight bridge, wide nasal tip and wide nostrils. Inexperienced surgeons commonly make mistakes in over augmentation of the bridge, pinching the tip and excessive narrowing of the nostrils.


Middle Eastern Arabic/Persian

Individuals from Middle Eastern specific cultural decent commonly display nasal features such as a large nasal profile and a bulbous tip.


Dr. Miller’s expertise range over the specific factors that should be heavily considered when taking on new patients for rhinoplasty procedures. He also specializes in male, teen, wide/big nostrils, micro, liquid, reduction, septoplasty/turbinate and broken nose rhinoplasty.

He also can ensure satisfaction with the help of computer imaging technology. This software helps patients see their results without having to go under the knife. A large source of concern is the outcome of the procedure, so using this technology to his advantage, Dr. Miller and show patients how different changes to their nose can impact their overall results and appearance.

Schedule your appointment today with Dr. Miller at his NYC office to learn more about ethnic rhinoplasty. 


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