Common Nose Job Terms Explained [Infographic]

common-nose-job-terms-explained-thumbDr. Phillip J. Miller is widely acclaimed as one of New York City’s premier cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons. His 20 years of experience and well- deserved reputation as a leading expert in rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty revision, give him immediate authority to break down these terms and provide a simple guide to common nose job terms and hopefully answer questions in the process. He is double board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery and consistently is voted one of the Best Doctors in America, as well as the Top Doctor in New York.

Dr. Phillip recognizes how imperative it is to examine each individual on a case by case basis to provide the most beneficial and effective form of action to achieve optimal and realistic results. His ultimate goal is to offer a simple reference for individuals who are contemplating a rhinoplasty to ease their reservations and understanding of the options and solutions available and to assist them to identify and correcting their issue.

Most individuals that explore the idea of rhinoplasty and their options are typically unhappy with the size, length, width, and overall facial structure with the alignment of the nose. Other factors, or imperfections like a twisted nose, a collapse, depression, bump, scoop, or problem with the tip are often corrected with a rhinoplasty as well. It is up to Dr. Phillip to examine, access, and educate you on all of your alternatives.

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Rhinoplasty umbrellas several corrective and revision procedures:








Ideal Candidate for Nose Reshaping Cosmetic Surgery:

  • Have a nose that he or she feels is too large or too small in comparison with other facial features
  • Have a bump on the bridge of the nose
  • Have a wide nose
  • Have a nasal tip that droops, protrudes, or is enlarged
  • Have a bulbous tip
  • Have nostrils that are excessively flared or pinched
  • Have a nose that is crooked or off-center
  • Have been injured so that the nose is asymmetrical
  • Have problems breathing due to irregularities with internal nose structure (i.e. a deviated septum or related problems)

Rhinoplasty is among the top five most popular surgery procedures performed in the United States. Rhinoplasty offers low risk and high quality results that can lead you to a life of confidence and the best version of yourself.

The best way for a patient to determine his or her candidacy for rhinoplasty is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller today. Dr. Miller will analyze your medical history, skin quality, cosmetic goals, and mental preparedness before recommending treatment and moving forward with a plan of action.


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