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Preventative Beauty…Save Your Skin with These 6 Expert’s Tips

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Dr. Philip Miller, Gotham Plastic Surgery “I have seen a significant increase in patients in their early to mid-20’s seeking Botoxtreatments in their forehead. This generation is much more educated about preventative beauty and seek these types of treatments in conjunction with proper SPF usage and skincare routines. They are committed to stopping the problem (wrinkles) before they even have a chance to happen. Younger patients understand that once a wrinkle forms it’s hard to eliminate. It’s like a crease in tissue paper as opposed to a crease in a cotton shirt that can be ironed out. So, preventing wrinkles from ever being created is what Botox offers. Though this is absolutely a beneficial way to keep fine lines and wrinkles of the future at bay, I always advice my patients to also eat clean, stay hydrated, limit sun exposure and stay away from tobacco products. The combination of all these elements will have them looking 20-something for another decade and beyond.”


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