10 Benefits of Rhinoplasty [Infographic]

10-benefits-rhinoplasty-thumbDr. Philip Miller highlights the 10 benefits of rhinoplasty in his most recent infographic. As an expert in rhinoplasty, with over 20 years experience, Dr. Miller believes that a nose job is not just a procedure but a solution. In fact, rhinoplasty offers several solutions for patients who experience an array of impediments.

For example, if you’ve had prior work on your nose, that didn’t come out as planned, Dr. Miller can help you to achieve the results you desire with a revision rhinoplasty. “I’ve helped many patients to achieve their aesthetic goals that were not met the first time.”–Dr. Philip Miller

The infographic reveals that the nose is the most commonly broken facial bone. A nose job can improve injury related to nasal deformities. Additionally, birth defects may also be corrected with rhinoplasty surgery. You may find additional facts and statistics in the infographic, including:


10 Benefits of Rhinoplasty

1. Confidence – Rhinoplasty improves self confidence in people who are self-conscious about the appearance and shape of their nose.
2. Improves Breathing – Get rid of breathing difficulties. Nasal breathing may be improved after Rhinoplasty.
3. Fix Broken Nose – The nose is the most commonly broken facial bone. Rhinoplasty can improve injury related nasal deformities.
4. Sinus Problems – Rhinoplasty may be combined with sinus surgery to fix breathing problems and chronic sinusitis.
5. Revision Rhinoplasty – Also known as secondary or tertiary rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty is a procedure that corrects prior unsuccessful surgery of the nose.
6. Correct Birth Defects – Rhinoplasty can be performed to meet aesthetic goals and correct congenital malformations of the nose.
7. Restore Facial Symmetry – Rhinoplasty can correct myriad problems, such as a crooked nose or bulbous tip.
8. Bullying – The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) believes that 76% of teen plastic surgeries are requested because of bullying.
9. Snoring – Rhinoplasty may stop or reduce snoring, as well as other sleep problems. 23% of couples sleep in separate bedrooms because of their partners snoring. The third most common cause of divorce is snoring.
10. Career Reasons – Many patients’ believe that nose job surgery improves their careers, and contributes to success and power on the job.

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