Benefits of Rhinoplasty

No matter your reason for wanting a nose job, there are many benefits from rhinoplasty. Dr. Miller has helped thousands of patients improve their quality of life through rhinoplasty in NYC.

  • Breathe Easier

For some people, the simple act of taking a deep breath through the nose is difficult or even impossible due to blockage in the nose, caused by a misshapen septum – the structure that separates the two nasal cavities. A qualified and skilled plastic surgeon can reshape the inner nose and correct these issues, allowing the patient to finally breathe normally.

  • Sleep Well

Your body needs 6-8 hours of restful sleep each night to maintain good health. Unfortunately, structural irregularities in your nasal cavity can cause excessive snoring, sleep apnea or other breathing difficulties, making a good night’s sleep just a dream. A nose job, combined with other procedures to reshape the inner nasal passageway, can help eliminate these common sleep problems.

  • Improve Self-Esteem

Your nose is the focal point of your face. If you are self-conscious about it, your overall confidence suffers. Getting a nose job can be the easiest way to boost your self-confidence and put your best face forward.

Am I A Good Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

The decision to have a nose job is a very personal one. If you struggle with self-esteem or other difficulties due to the shape or size of your nose, rhinoplasty surgery can be a life-changing event.

The ideal rhinoplasty patient is healthy, at least 16 years of age and a non-smoker. More importantly, the ideal nose job candidate has realistic expectations about the final outcome. While rhinoplasty can improve your appearance in dramatic ways, there are still limitations. Open and clear communication between surgeon and patient, combined with a patient’s recognition of realistic outcomes, is the best combination to ensure satisfactory and appreciated results.

How Do I Learn More About Rhinoplasty?

It is easy to find out more about rhinoplasty by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Miller in NYC. Simply fill out our convenient Contact Form or call us at (646) 791-3112, and one of our friendly Patient Advisors will help you get started.

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