NYC Plastic Surgeon Releases Infographic on Nose Jobs

Leading NYC specialty ‘nose job’ expert and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Philip J. Miller, M.D., FACS recently released an infographic highlighting the Top 10 Benefits of a Rhinoplasty. Dr. Miller insights, “A nose job can be a noninvasive treatment or a surgical procedure, but above all else, it’s also a solution!” Rhinoplasty has the potential to not only […]

Reduce Swelling Through Nasal Exercises

When you are recovering, post-surgical rhinoplasty, it is a normal and natural reaction for there to appear to be slight swelling. An individual who has underwent said procedure will notice this immediately once the bandages are removed. The nasal bones tend to want to drift outward after the compression releases the restriction. For this reason, […]

Breaking Down A Blunt Osteotomy Rhinoplasty

The term osteotomy, derived from Greek, is defined in the medical dictionary as a surgical operation in which a bone is divided or a piece of bone is excised (as to correct a deformity). This article concerns the surgical technique of cutting bone in the performance of rhinoplasty (nasal surgery). Most, although not all, rhinoplasties […]

Revealing Results of a Rhinoplasty: Watch This Young Woman’s Unbelievable Reaction

Transforming Lives Through Results Is What Rhinoplasty Is All About… Meet this patient of Miller’s. She can hardly believe her new nose. For most individuals who are seeking nose jobs, they are looking to alter more than just their aesthetic appearance. They are on an authentic quest to enhance their lives through the power of reclaiming one’s self-esteem. […]