15 Female Celebrities Who Love Their Rhinoplasty

Ever experience a time when you were watching TV and said to yourself, “Wow, I wish my nose looked like theirs!”? Well most of the female celebrities you see in movies or in magazines didn’t always have such perfect features. Remember, no one is flawless.

And a little change here and there never hurts, right? Why not boost your confidence and create a better aesthetic appearance that makes you feel like the celebrities you see on screen?

Checkout this list of 15 female celebrities who had rhinoplasty…and loved the results!

1. Kim Kardashian


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian. is a business woman, model, socialite, and an American reality television personality. The “do-it-all” star is also a mother of two and is always working on a ton of projects at any given time. With all of the attention and media following her around the clock, she needs to make sure she always looks her best! Before her rhinoplasty, Kim Kardashian’s nose was wide and had a long tip. Now, her nose is much more structured, has a much smaller tip, and not as wide! Her rhinoplasty procedure made her appear more subtle and presentable.

Before and after nose job picture gallery. 

2. Scarlett Johansson2-celebrities-ugly-noses-Scarlett-Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a young actress who is only 34 years old, yet is a household name. She has even won the award for best actress in a leading role! Scarlett is a model, actress, and an underground singer. Scarlett Johansson projected a larger nose before she had her rhinoplasty done. Her appearance changed a lot after, streamlining her look as a more professional, older, and overall much more attractive.

Pictures of revision rhinoplasty.

3. Angelina Jolie3-celebrities-ugly-noses-Angelina-Jolie

Winning an academy award, 3 Golden Globe awards, and 2 Screen Actors Guild awards, Angelina Jolie has been noted as one of the most highly paid actresses and ultimate beauties in Hollywood. Although she had a naturally stunning foundation for her face before, the rhinoplasty Angelina Jolie had done created a sharper look for her. Her bumped up confidence allowed her to truly come out and show herself to her full potential!

10 Benefits of Rhinoplasty [Infographic]

4. Beyonce


Also known as Queen Bey, Beyonce rose to fame in the late 1990’s as a lead singer in the girl group Destiny’s Child. Soon after the group reached pinnacle success, she decided to branch out solo as a singer, record producer, songwriter, and actress! When you’re referred to as the Queen, appearance is of utmost importance to you. Beyonce’s decision to have a rhinoplasty done helped the overall shape of her nose and balanced her entire face by giving her more of a chic personality.

African-American nose jobs before and after pictures.

5. Tyra Banks5-celebrity-ugly-noses-Tyra-Banks

Tyra Banks has worn many hats in the industry! From talk show host, author, actress, producer, and singer to American model, television personality, and business woman. Tyra started her career at only 15 years old and has gotten quite far! With the help of plastic surgery, Tara Banks was able to create an appearance that was acceptable in the “mainstream” world. Before her rhinoplasty, her nose was much larger and took away from the unique beauty hidden underneath. Now, she has a much more natural appearance with a nose that is much more contained and precise to match her face!

6. Winona Ryder6-celebrities-ugly-noses-Winona-Ryder

Winona Ryder is one of the most profitable and iconic actresses of the 90’s! She made many appearances in numerous landmark films. After the plastic surgery that she has received, her beauty shined quite bright within a group of up-and-coming celebrities! Winona Ryder’s  rhinoplasty gave her a much sharper look and revealed the beauty that she had hidden behind an unwanted nose. Her upper lip, which was hidden due to her long tip, became more visible adding to her smile.

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7. Megan Fox7-celebrities-ugly-nose-Megan-Fox

Words can’t even describe the beauty that Megan Fox encompasses! As an actress and model, she knows how to turn heads. Megan is considered one of the major modern female sex symbols appearing in countless photoshoots as such in male-driven media like Maxim and Rolling Stone. Before plastic surgery, her nose was not big, but definitely needed some shaping. The rhinoplasty procedure consisted of smoothing out Megan Fox’s nose and getting rid of the bump. Now she has a very natural and practically perfect nose that blends very well with her whole face.

8. Katie Holmes8-celebrities-ugly-nose-Katie-Holmes

Katie Holmes is an actress and model who made her presence known for the first time on the hit teen drama Dawson’s Creek. She always had a very cute and subtle face. With a rhinoplasty, she was able to contour her button nose to make her appearance a bit more striking.

9. Jennifer Aniston9-celebrities-ugly-noses-Jennifer-Aniston

Jennifer Aniston skyrocketed to fame after a breakout role on everyone’s favorite sitcom Friends. She is an actress, producer, and business woman. Before all of the fame and recognition, Jennifer was a victim of the chubby type nose. Fortunately, when she entered Hollywood, she discovered rhinoplasty. Now, Jennifer Aniston’s nose is dainty with a seamless slope and proportionate size for her face.

10. Ashlee Simpson


As the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, Ashlee began appearing in commercials by the age of 15. Now she is a songwriter, singer, media personality, and actress. As a teen, Ashlee faced an unappealing nose traditionally consisting of everything that would call for a rhinoplasty: larger than average, protruding bump, asymmetric in width, and a longer tip. Ashlee Simpson therefore took the accessible route by having the rhinoplasty done. The results don’t lie. She is the definitive example of a celebrity who transformed her look benefiting her career with a nose job. Ashlee Simpson was able to separate herself from her sister’s shadow, as well as her previous image in the limelight.

11. Victoria Beckham11-celebrities-ugly-nose-Victoria-Beckaham

Victoria Beckham rose to fame with the all-female group known as the Spice Girls. Victoria was dubbed Posh Spice by British music magazine. She was an English businesswoman, model, fashion designer, and singer in the late 1990’s. As the wife of one of the hottest soccer players in the world, she needs to make sure she looks her best at all times. Originally, Victoria Beckham’s nose was wide and had a big round tip, but now thanks to nose job surgery, her nose is much slimmer and more structured complementing the rest of her facial features.

12. Gisele Bundchen12-celebrities-ugly-nose-Gisele-Bundchen

VS models are under a lot of pressure to upkeep that girl-next-door, but sultry appearance. Gisele is a well-known Brazilian runway model, actress, and producer. Her nose was extra pointy and was relatively wide prior to the Angel we see today. After her nose job surgery, her appearance became way more attractive, model worthy and ideal by the standards of American culture. And that’s how an angel gets their wings.

13. Courtney Love13-celebrities-ugly-nose-Courtney-Love

As a symbol of the punk and grunge scene in the 90’s, she drew the public’s attention for her stage presence and confrontational song lyrics. As an American musician and actress, she had a reputation to maintain. Courtney Love’s nose was very big, wide, and completely affected her celebrity. After the rhinoplasty procedure, her nose became very slim and gained more structure to her beautiful face.

14. Christina Aguilera14-celebrities-ugly-nose-Christina-Aguilera

Christina Aguilera, one of the female coaches in “The Voice”, is a highly accredited American pop singer who began her journey as a child on the television series The Mickey Mouse Club. As one of the hottest pop singers of the millennial, Christina’s talent and looks have been idolized by many female fans. Her nose after surgery came out much thinner and gave her a sharper image.

15. Jennifer Grey


Jennifer Grey took in her father’s footsteps to become an actress and even earned a Golden Globe Award nomination. By today’s fan-base, she is better known for her 2010 victory in season 11 of Dancing with the Stars. Her physical image was of utmost importance to her and her character in her defining role as Baby in Dirty Dancing. Her nose needed a lift in the tip and a bit of a slope to create the perception of a well-structured nose which could be achieved with a rhinoplasty. After a nose job surgery, Jennifer Grey was able to improve these flaws and create a desired symmetrical face, but her career took a bit of a nose-dive as she became unrecognizable.

At the end of the day, female celebrities must be very conscious of their appearance or they essentially can put their careers at risk. The same goes for normal people. Although it does not affect everyone’s career, it still affects day to day decisions, such as getting a job and presenting yourself to society. There is nothing wrong with improving your appearance here and there. Rhinoplasty has been there to help many female celebrities who were unhappy with their original noses boost their confidence and improve their performance in the entertainment industry!

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